In the Bag: Toddler Checklist

Whether it's a playground visit or a day at the zoo, when packing for a day out with a toddler it's important to bring items that will keep them comfortable, entertained, and safe.

Here's our checklist of essential items to pack for your toddler:

  1. Nappies: bring enough nappies to last throughout the day, as well as nappy bags and cream.

  2. Wet wipes: arguable the most used parenting essential. Have a healthy stack of wet wipes for toileting and cleaning hands, faces and surfaces they'll come in contact with. Shop our reusable Wipes Pouch >
  3. Extra clothes: pack an extra outfit for your toddler in case of any spills or accidents. If they are toilet-training, wrap up a spare pair of underwear and pants (or two) in a waterproof bag.
  4. Sunscreen and hat: If you'll be spending time outdoors, sun protection is essential for both you and your little one.
  5. Snacks and water: bring a lunch box full of snacks, alongside a water bottle, to keep your toddler and your fuelled throughout the day.

  6. Pram: a compact stroller or baby carrier will make it easier to transport your toddler around, and a safe space for a rest when they get tired. Don't forget to bring Pram Straps for a seamless transition from backpack to pram caddy.

  7. Entertainment: pack some age-appropriate toys and books to keep your toddler entertained during downtime or travel to and from your location.

  8. First Aid kit: It's the item you always wish you had when you don't. Pack a basic travel first aid kit (and double check it has bandaids) in case of any minor scrapes.

  9. Hand sanitiser: essential for when you don't have quick access to a bathroom. Shop our Luxe Hand Sanitiser Pouch > 

  10. A backpack to keep everything in! A generous sized nappy bag backpack so you can comfortably carry your toddler's essentials while remaining hands-free for the things that matter. Shop toddler bags > 

Bonus tip: keep items in separate pouches (like our Luxe Pouches) for quick access and organisation.


Alf the Label toddler nappy bags and backpacks


    Pictured: Vegan Zoe backpack in Black (left), Luxe Ari convertible baby bag in Black (centre), Luxe Ari nappy bag in Mahogany (right).

    Our most popular backpacks for parents of toddlers

    The Vegan Zoe is the perfect size to fit everything you need for your toddler, including lunchboxes, water bottles, a change of clothes and your essentials.

    For a larger capacity bag for a larger family, the Luxe Ari, or the unisex Luca Backpack, are your go-to toddler bags.

    Shop bags for toddler parents > 

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