Leather is a durable natural material that ages beautifully if cared for correctly

The exterior of your Alf bag has been treated with waterproofer, so you can wipe away dust and dirt with a damp cloth. The interior lining can be spot cleaned with a damp cloth or baby wipe. 

Always use special leather products to protect and spot clean your bags and leather accessories.  We recommend spraying/treating your bag with some waterproofer love at the beginning of each season to ensure the leather stays in tip top condition.

If your beloved Alf gets wet just wipe excess water off and dry with a cloth.  Leave to dry out naturally, never use heat on leather to dry.

Spot clean or hand wash padded changing mat.


Our custom spot printed leather should be treated as above.  Waterproof or scotchgaurd regularly to make cleaning easier, especially light coloured leather spots.


Our signature glossed leather is super soft and super shiny! All you'll need is a soft cloth or baby wipe to buff or wipe clean. A clear 'Double Shine' will give your gloss leather a pick me up if she's looking a bit dull and you want to keep her shiny! Zorbel or creamy leather cleaner is not recommended as it will smear and leave residue on the leather. 



Should your zips feel sticky or stiff when your Alf bag is brand new a good trick is to rub a beeswax candle or some lead pencil along the zip to help it glide with ease.

Ensure you only zip and unzip your bag when the zipper is flat and straight. Excessive pulling or tugging on the zip may cause the zip head to bend and the zip teeth misalign. It is a customers responsibility to take care of the zip and not overfill the bag.

Just like all zips, it's a good idea to get your zip serviced once in a while to ensure the teeth are still in good condition. In the unlikely event that your zipper jams, the teeth bend or the zip even wiggles loose, your local cobbler will be your new best friend. Most cobblers will be able to either unjam your zip, or tighten it if required.


Although leather is considered to be a tough and durable material it is also a natural fibre and any abrasions or deep scratches will show up and damage the leather. Should you scratch the leather on your bag during use - please treat this as you would a pair of leather shoes. You can treat the leather on the bag with the correct colour shoe polish/wax. 

Zorbel or leather conditioner is a great way to give life to surface scratches and dry or dull leather.  Always do a test patch first and follow product instructions.

Lastly - don't forget, these bags are made of real leather... and just like our skin, leather is never perfect, so sometimes you may see very minor bumps or wrinkles on the surface of your bag. Just like us Mamas, these wrinkles will become softer and probably increase over time. But that's what love and age does to us right ;-)





Nylon is a hardy fabric, however like any material you do need to clean her occasionally her to keep her looking fresh. 

If you are trying to clean her nylon gills after dropping your morning coffee all over her, here's what to do:

  • Blot up excess coffee with a clean, dry white cloth.
  • Soak the stain with a white cloth soaked in a solution of warm water, drop of dishwashing detergent (not laundry detergent) and 1 tsp of white vinegar for 15 minutes.
  • Rinse the stained area with warm water and let it air dry.
  • Get yourself another coffee and hope you don't spill anything on your bag again!