The Alf Story

Allow me to introduce myself.
My name is Sophie. I am a wife, mother of two, and the founder of Alf the Label.

Alf the Label was born out of a love for uncompromising style. Pregnant with my first child in 2015, I searched for a bag that would represent me as a modern woman with my own sense of style with the added functionality for childcare.

I wanted a bag that would support me as a mother and work for me as a professional. I wanted classic lines and considered designs in leathers and textiles of the finest quality.

When I could not find what I needed, I took matters into my own hands.

I developed relationships with makers during my travels over the years, engaging them to bring the bespoke bags and clothing I had designed for myself prior to starting my family. I took the same approach for the bag that would transition me into motherhood.

I designed exactly what I needed in a baby bag and worked closely with crafters to bring it to life. Unbeknownst to me at the time, this was the very first leather baby bag that would become a signature Alf the Label style.

As I navigated the early months of motherhood, my bag caught the attention of other mothers around me. It dawned on me that the baby bag I could not find and made a reality was one that other new parents were searching for, too. 

Alf the Label was launched at my kitchen table in 2016. I named my label after my grandfather Alf, who worked as a furrier after the Second World War, cutting and sewing panels of leather and fur in a tailor’s shop (amongst other professions).

Several years in, our product range has grown, as has our vibrant community of parents and supporters, and our team based in our headquarters in Perth, Australia and our extended team based in Sydney, Australia. 
We've expanded internationally with a collection available in SoHo, NY. And we are the first parenting brand in the world to be invited to showcase at New York Fashion Week.

My passion for craftsmanship is deeply rooted. My focus on creating timeless, functional pieces in exceptional materials and attention to detail is unwavering.

Parenthood is different for everyone. Style looks different to everyone.
Alf is made for everyone.