Baby Shower Gift Ideas

Baby showers are such a special time. One last "hurrah" before the baby arrives. A chance to spend time with family and friends. And of course, shower the new Mum and baby with gifts. Before you hit the baby aisle, ask the soon-to-be parent if they have a registry. If they don't, we're here to help with our list of the best baby shower gift ideas to celebrate both Mum and baby.

Baby Bag

Here at Alf, if there's one thing we know, it's baby bags. Luxury baby bags are the heart of Alf, designed to ensure no parent has to compromise on style.

If you're gifting a baby bag, speak with the parents to see if there is a style they prefer, like a backpack, crossbody, or tote. Do they need a large bag bag (like our most popular Luxe Ari, that converts five ways), or would they prefer a smaller handbag design (such as the best-selling Luxe Muriel). Would they prefer a unisex style like the Luca Backpack, or a maximum capacity like the Ted Tote?

Designed by a parent, for parents. Every Alf baby bag is crafted from the highest quality materials and finishes to last the test of time and support you as you transition through parenthood and back to work.

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Gifts for Mum

While baby showers are often to gift bub with essentials they need to start off their little lives, we love showing appreciation for parents.

Self-care pack A pregnancy and breastfeeding safe face or eye mask will encourage Mum to take a much-needed break. Add in a divine Celia Loves candle along with a large water bottle to stay hydrated, and she's on her way to some me-time.
Carabiner capsule Doubling as a pram accessory, it's a gift for both mum and baby. Pick and mix her favourite colours with the choice of a key ring, wallet, luxe leather pouches in three sizes connected to a brushed gold carabiner. Shop >
Hands-free key ring Keep her hands free for holding the most precious bundle with a Knot Key Ring. It'll be a life saver to hang from her wrist while she's loading baby into the car seat. Shop >
Luxe Pouches Doubling as organisational pouches for the baby bag, our luxe leather pouches can also be attached to a carabiner and used as a handbag. Shop >

L-R: Alf the Label Knot Key Ring in Tulip and Luxe Pouches in Black (Petite, Medium and Grande). Go-To face mask and James Cosmetics eye mask. Celia Loves candles. Alf the Label Carabiner Capsule. Frank Green water bottle.

Gift for Baby

Sentimental gift While baby is likely to get many blankets and cuddly toys, a soft, newborn-safe comforter is a great option. My babies loved the Jellycat bunnies. A soft, stretchy swaddle is also a great practical gift. 
Baby changing Ask the parent-to-be if they have a preferred brand of nappies or baby wipes and pick up a box of those (you can never have too many). Add in a baby change mat and nappy caddy for easy out-and-about changes. Shop >
Teethers & towels You can never have too many teethers or soft, hooded baby towels. They also make great options for Baby Sprinkles, as they generally won't be passed down between siblings.
Books Gift baby your favourite childhood classics, a limited edition collection, or a beautiful board book. They'll be loved for years to come and make great birthday gift ideas, too.

L-R: Alf the Label Change Mat, Jellycat Bashful Bunny, Sophie le Giraffe teether, Sheridan towel set, Peter Rabbit book collection, Snugglehunnykids Jersey Swaddle.

Must-have essentials

First-cold kit The most underrated items are the essentials to prepare for baby's first cold. An underarm thermometer like the Vicks Insight, alongside Baby Panadol, Baby Nurofen and Baby Fess. You'll undoubtedly receive a bleary-eyed thank you text at 3am.
Pram bag For quick access to essentials (think bottle, dummy, wipes and nappies) a pram caddy is a must-have. Choose from our selection of convertible pram bags, or add a pair of pram straps to attach an Alf baby bag directly to the pram’s handlebars. Shop >
White Noise Machine The best way to cover up the day-to-day sounds of a household, a portable white noise machine will make naps both at home and out and about much smoother.

L-R: Vicks InSight Thermometer, Homedics SoundSpa, Luxe Ari convertible baby bag backpack, Luxe Pram Straps and Frankie Crossbody convertible pram bag.

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