Top Baby Names for 2024

As we embark on a fresh year, a new generation of babies (and parents) are born. We explore the top baby names and trends from around the globe in 2024.

Across continents, a shift towards meaningful names with historical or literary allusions is gaining momentum. Parents seek monikers that tell a story, imbuing their little ones with a sense of identity and heritage. Nature-inspired names like Willow, Sky, and River find favour, along with those reminiscent of mythology and folklore (think Arthur, Artemis, or Freya).

North America: Gender-neutral names like Rowan, Finley, and Emerson continue to climb, alongside classic choices with a modern twist (think Amelia, Theodore, or Elliot).

Europe: Uniquely charming names like Aurelia, Maeve, and Cassian for girls, and Silas, Arlo, and Soren for boys are top choices. Timeless options like Olivia, Oliver, and Leo continue to remain popular.

Asia: Cultural influences and traditional names with auspicious meanings are favoured, like Sakura (cherry blossom) in Japan, Kai (ocean) in China, and Diya (light) in India. Western influences are also present, with names like Sophia and Liam gaining traction.

Latin America: Bold and rhythmic names like Xochitl (flower) or Mateo (gift of God), alongside classic Spanish names like Sofia and Miguel endure, while English influences peek through with Liam and Isabella.

Africa: Africa celebrates its rich heritage with names like Ayo (joy) or Jabari (brave). Nature-inspired choices like Nile or Savannah are popular, alongside unique monikers like Kiara (gift) or Themba (hope).

Australia: Nature-inspired names are gaining momentum like Juniper (predicted to be the top girls' name) and Orion (leading the boys' pack). Floral names like Poppy, Lily, and Daisy remain popular, while classics like Charlotte and Oliver hold their own. Unique Aussie choices like Alfie, Reuben, Margot, and Maisie are gaining traction, showcasing a love for heritage and individuality.

While we hope these provide you some inspiration, ultimately the perfect name is a deeply personal choice reflecting the unique story of each family. Explore the trends, embrace your history, and whatever you name your new arrival, know it is their perfect match.

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