Embrace Organisation

Whether you're anticipating a new arrival, navigating life with a toddler or managing a busy household, a little organisation can go a long way in adding a sense of calm and control.

We've outlined our top organisation tips for expecting parents and busy families.

Prepping for a new arrival

  • Nesting: dedicate a weekend to decluttering and spring cleaning to create a designated baby zone for your baby, while stocking up on essentials you might need in those early days (like nappies and wipes).
  • Prep: sort and wash all clothes and bedding, assemble your bassinet, crib, car seat or pram, and use containers to label everything.
  • Meal-Plan: pre-cook and freeze family-friendly meals for those sleep-deprived days.
  • Hospital bag: go through our hospital packing checklist to ensure you've got all the essentials, then pack it earlier than you think you'll need to. It'll be one less thing to worry about as your due date approaches.

Navigating toddlers

  • Routines: develop a basic routine for your little one (even if it just involves waking, feeding, and sleeping). Toddlers thrive on routine.
  • List-making: Centralise your grocery list, daily to-do list, and diaper bag packing list. If every parent in your household has access to the one list it'll help prevent those little emergencies.
  • Storage: as your little one grows, so do their things. Utilising storage (and labels) for as much as you can - from toys to clothes in out-of-use sizes or seasonal, to nappies and wipes - will help prevent the chaos. Every item having a clear place will also make tidying up easier and quicker.

Embracing technology

  • Apps: download any apps you might need for baby development tracking, feeding or sleep schedules, to-do lists, even white noise. 
  • Online delivery: from fresh food and groceries to weekly meal deliveries, and even nappy and wipes subscriptions. Routine deliveries will allow you to focus on other things, while ensuring you never run out of essentials.
  • Smart homes: items like a baby monitor, self-rocking bassinet, white noise machines and lights with timers could help streamline your daily process.

Key things to remember

  • Flexibility is key. Expect the unexpected, be open to adjusting plans and routines as your little one grows and changes.
  • Self-care is essential. Prioritise sleep, nutritious meals, and even a quick walk outside. And when you're feeling ready, prioritise your favourite pre-baby hobbies. Taking care of yourself makes taking care of others easier.
  • Embrace community. Don't be afraid to ask for help! Join new parent groups, reach out to family and friends, delegate and prioritise tasks. 

Do you have any organisation tips and hacks you can share with other parents in the comments below?


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