How To: Convert Your Bag

We know how important it is to keep your hands free for things that matter, which is why almost all of Alf the Label's nappy bags can be converted multiple ways. From totes transforming to backpacks, shoulder or crossbody bags, or handbags to pram bags.

How to convert your bag to a backpack

Each convertible baby bag will have included backpack straps and specific D-rings to attach them to. See below our most popular styles, and where to attach the straps for maximum comfort and usability.

Left: Luxe Ari in Black. Right: Luxe Muriel in Black.

Ted Tote in Black.

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How to convert your bag to a shoulder bag or crossbody

Attach your straps on the D-rings at the furthest points of your bag, not to the handle.

From left to right: Luxe Sue in Mahogany, Luxe Ari in Fig, and Luxe Muriel in Latte. 

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How to convert your bag to a pram bag

Pram straps are the essential accessory for creating a seamless hands-free experience as a parent. View our guide for attaching pram straps or your gold carabiner here >

From left to right: Luxe Ari in Mahogany + Luxe Pram Straps in Mahogany, Ted Tote in Black + Athletica Pram Straps, the Carabiner Capsule with the following: Grande Gold Carabiner, Luxe Medium Pouch in Fiesta, Luxe Petite Pouch in Bone, and Luxe Knot Key Ring in Fiesta.

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