How To: Pram Straps

Hang out in style. Our most popular accessories - pram straps and our gold carabiner - are parenting essentials.

Stay hands-free for quick access to your baby's necessities without compromising on style. 

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Alf the Label pram straps

Pram Straps

Pram straps are the essential accessory for creating a seamless hands-free experience as a parent. 

Our baby bags and caddies are designed to convert into pram bags with the click of a clip. Be sure to add pram straps to your cart when purchasing your bag.

You can choose to match your straps to your bag, or to suit your pram's handlebar.

Simply wrap the velcro section around your pram bars and secure through the ring, then clip to your bag's external D Rings. 

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Gold Carabiner

Part of our statement accessories collection, the Gold Carabiner is designed to secure items to your pram or trolley with style, or to tote your Elsie Wallet, Knot Key Ring and Luxe Pouches to create an effortless statement look.

The Carabiner Capsule is designed to mix and match to suit your style and needs. Luxury brushed gold hardware and premium leather accessories can combine to create a signature look.

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