In The Bag: Hospital Packing Checklist

It's an exciting time in any pregnancy - packing your hospital bag! Whether it's your first time or fifth, a packing checklist will come in handy to make sure you've got all the hospital essentials you and baby need.


Here are our top tips to consider when packing your hospital bag:

Start early

If you can, start packing early in the third trimester and keep the checklist with your bag, ticking off as you go. That way if you go into labour at 3am you'll know exactly what you still need to pack for a swift getaway.

Ask your hospital

Check in with your birthing hospital as they may provide items such as nappies, wipes, onesies, swaddles - even baby bottles and trial breast pumps. Similarly, you might find you need different items based on the length of your stay and the type of birth. Loose pants that don't rub on stitches are perfect for recovering caesarean sections, while compression leggings and ice packs may be preferred for vaginal births.

Find your perfect bag

You'll want a bag that can transition with you from hospital to baby bag, and beyond.

Our most popular baby bag is the Luxe Ari, a convertible backpack crafted in high quality and full grain pebbled leather. Featuring ten compartments and fully wipeable internal lining it is renowned for its style, functionality, and versatility.

For a unisex, vegan option the Ted Tote is our largest design boasting ample storage and convertible wear. It'll transform from your go-to baby backpack to the ultimate gym bag and everyday tote.

Section your bag

Use packing cubes to keep items separate and easily accessible. Mum's toiletries including sanitary pads, breast pads and nipple cream in one pouch. Baby onesies, beanies and socks in another. Even a pouch just for underwear or nursing bras. Keep baby essentials like nappies, wipes and cream in a caddy for midnight changes. If you need assistance from your partner or nurses, they will be able to grab exactly what you need in a flash.

Prepare for the climate

Regardless of the weather outside, hospitals and suites generally have very strong air conditioning. Take some warmer clothes just in case (a nursing-friendly sweater or cosy robe are great options).

Download your Hospital Bag Checklist >


Pictured: The Luxe Ari bag in Black, Latte and Mahogany.

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