Baby Bag Trends for 2022

Expecting a new arrival, or transitioning from baby to toddler? We’ve reviewed the most popular baby bags and trends for 2022. 

Now more than ever we are leaning towards hands-free bags and accessories designed to make parenting life easier, and at first (and second) glance don’t look like typical baby bags. It's parenting, but make it fashion. 

This year we'll be seeing even more luxurious leather convertible backpacks that don't look like baby bags, along with unisex designs for Dads and kids. Now we're able to step back out into the world we're prioritising easy access to our essentials with hands-free accessories and organisational pieces.

1. Luxe convertible backpacks 

Parents more than ever aren’t compromising on style. Luxury convertible baby bags that double as work bags are the must-have piece. 

Our most popular convertible backpack is the Ari; a four-way and one of our largest capacity designs. Wear it however it suits you: as a tote, backpack, satchel or attached to the pram.

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Alf the Label Baby Bag Trends for 2022: BackpacksPictured: the Luxe Ari (left) and the Luxe Sophia (right).

2. Hands-free accessories and cross-body bags

Now more than ever it's important to be hands-free and have easy access to your essentials. Versatile pieces that can hang from your wrist or pram with the click of a clip.

A statement key ring on a carabiner capsule is perfect to hang your keys, wallet and essentials on your wrist while you strap bub into the car seat. 

Cross-body bags are a must-have for the important items you don't want to leave in your pram when chasing after a toddler, like your phone and hand sanitiser.

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Alf the Label Baby Bag Trends for 2022: Hands-free accessories and cross-body bagsPictured: the Carabiner Capsule featuring a Knot Keyring and Luxe Elsie Wallet in Candy, Luxe Petite Pouch in Tulip, small Connector Clip and Gold Carabiner (left) and Alice Phone Crossbody (right).

3. Unisex designs

While Dads love a day out with the kids, they don't always love wearing a designer leather handbag. Unisex designs offer all the features of a baby bag with the versatility of transferring seamlessly from one parent to the other. Our Athletica collection features a range of unisex, sustainable designs that transition to the ultimate gym or everyday tote once your little ones have grown.

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Alf the Label Baby Bag Trends for 2022: Unisex designs
Pictured: Ted Tote (left) and the Luca Backpack in Truffle and Black with added Pram Straps. 

4. On-the-go organisation

Now we're out and about more we need easy and organised access to our essentials. Accessories to hold not only baby items but our masks, antibacterial wipes and sanitisers have become the new must-have.

Don't forget to add Pram Straps so you can keep your bags off the floor and away from germs.

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