Introducing the Alf Sale Archive

The home for the last pieces of previous collections that you can shop at a great price. 
At Alf we have always believed in producing small batch product lines, and we want our products to find their forever homes instead of contributing to the fast fashion industry. Buying an Alf is an investment in longevity and we want to offer our customers high quality, stylish and functional pieces that will last through parenthood and beyond. Our products’ fabrication and construction means that they are designed to stand the test of time, if cared for, and you will be carrying them long after your babies’ need for changing.
Alf's Sale Archive is the place for favourites and coveted finds from past seasons, available to you at lower prices. Instead of having frequent sales, these products will be reduced to the lowest price possible so that you can still shop the pieces you fell in love with. Not only are we providing our customers an opportunity to re-discover products from different collections, but the archive is part of our sustainability road map, our commitment to reducing our footprint and working towards being a more sustainable business.
We want our bags to be loved by you, no matter what season they are from.
Alf Archive