What to Pack for a Weekend Away

Planning a weekend away with your family? While it can always seem a little daunting, with a little organisation and preparation you'll be able to make lifelong memories and enjoy a memorable mini getaway.

We've listed the ten things to consider when preparing for a weekend away with a baby, including what to pack.

1. Plan Ahead
Think about your destination and facilities. What is the expected weather, and will there be heating or cooling? A high chair for meals? Will you be walking a lot and need a pram? Any beach trips planned (think beach towel and swim nappy)? Are there nearby stores for food or baby changing essentials, and what hours and days are they open? This will help ensure you pack the essentials. You may need to load the car or suitcases to the brim, or you may be able to find essentials like nappies, food, high chairs, cots and car seats when you get there.

2. Clothing Essentials

Always pack enough clothes to last the entire trip for your little ones, in case there's limited access or time to do laundry. Add a few extra sets for unexpected spills or messy play. Layers are helpful when you aren't sure what the heating or cooling options will be, and don't forget things like shoes, socks, jackets, swim gear and hats, depending on your getaway location.

3. Baby Change Supplies

If you don't have easy access to a local store, pack enough nappies for the entire trip, plus spares. Include rash cream, wipes, bags and a soft change mat.

Our Luxe Baby Change Kit is the prefect grab-and-go travel essential.

4. Feeding Essentials

If your little one is breastfeeding or formula feeding you'll want to pack your travel feeding supplies. Nursing pads for you, and a pump if you'll need to express. For the formula-fed babies, if you can carry pre-measured formula this will make feeds quicker and reduce the amount you'll need to bring. Don't forget extra bottles and cleaning supplies. If there's a kettle or microwave you may want to bring reusable steriliser bags for bottles, too.

5. Baby-Friendly Food

For those littles on solids, you may want to bring along some of their favourite frozen cubes of pureed food, baby porridge or pouches to ensure there's something they will love. If there isn't a high chair available, a foldable camping-style high chair works perfectly. Bring along their spoons, plates and bib for easy clean up. And don't forget some snacks for you, too.

6. Travel Cot & Sleep Space

Get in touch with your accommodation provider and see if they can provide a travel cot or bassinet, and bed linen. If not, consider a portable crib. Bring your little one's regular sleep essentials including sleeping bags, dummies, white noise machine, monitor and comforter so you can all get some much needed rest on holiday.

7. Bath-time and Toiletries

Pack your little one's usual bath wash, shampoo, conditioner, and moisturiser. Add a few flannels and a bath towel, unless you know these will be provided for you. Many baby brands will provide travel versions of toiletries, otherwise you can save space decanting these into mini bottles. Don't forget to add sunscreen to the toiletries bag.

8. First Aid Kit

It's the one thing you hope you'll never need, but are always glad is around when you do. Check your travel first aid kit before you leave and add in items you may need for your location, including baby paracetamol and Band-Aids.

9. Toys and Books

Pick a few of your little one's favourite toys, cuddly items and books so they have entertainment and familiarity in their new environment.

10. Convertible Bag

A travel essential; luggage that will convert from travel bag to backpack so you can pack light and stay comfortable. Consider one of our maximum capacity, wipe-clean, convertible baby bags, like the Luxe Ari, Ted Tote or Luca Backpack, so you can use them on your holiday adventures and while travelling.

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The best convertible bags to take on a weekend away with your baby.Pictured: Luxe Ari (left), Luca Backpack (centre), Ted Tote (right).

Travel Tips

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