What Being a Mother Means to Me

At the heart of what we do and who we are here at Alf, is motherhood. 

Pregnant with my first child Ari in 2015, I searched for a bag that would represent me as a modern woman with my own sense of style with the added functionality for childcare. When I could not find what I needed, I took matters into my own hands, and Alf the Label was born.

I'm passionate about supporting parents and the majority of our team are mothers returning to work from maternity leave. I'm so thankful I can offer them flexibility and an environment that ensures family comes first.

To me, being a mother means morning snuggles/the kids bickering about who gets to lay closest to me, so many I love you to the moon and back declarations, being their safe person, them constantly teaching me things about life (and random facts about all sorts of things), making them feel loved and supported and number one is being a good role model for them.

I spoke to my team, and the Alf community, to find out what motherhood means to them.

"Morning cuddles, long-winded stories, constant explanations and a feeling of safety and security that is second to none in the entire world. To me, being a mother means being a safe space of trust, knowledge, respect and understanding. And receiver of the most glorious hugs in the universe." Katherine, Marketing & E-Commerce Manager

“Being able to provide safety and love for the rest of their lives. Finding fun in everything and letting them know that no dream is too big and nothing they can’t do!” Lucy, Wholesale & Production Coordinator 
"Being a Mum is being the person who knows your kids better than anyone else, and loves them the most! Being the person they can confide in, rely on, and offer endless amounts of love and cuddles. Constantly learning from them and with them and their unique personalities. Also making lots of snacks and generally being their personal butler." Erin, Customer Service Officer
"Being a Mum I’ve experienced the highs and lows of motherhood but I love walking alongside my two beautiful intelligent daughters as they take their own paths in life. One is now a mother herself so the joy of being a grandmother of two granddaughters is something to behold." Sue, Alf Community Member
"Being a mum means being someone's safe place. Someone's unconditional best friend and being the person they turn to when they're hurt. It means passing on family traditions that you cherished when you were a kid. It means seeing their faces light up and feeling your heart expand more than you thought possible whenever they get excited (especially on birthdays and Christmas) it means late night snuggles and early morning cuddles. It's honestly just the best." Denyse, Alf Community Member

What does motherhood mean to you? Comment below and let us know.

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