May is Mama's Month: Tara Pavlovic

Alf the Label Tara Pavlovic

Introducing Alf mama Tara Pavlovic...

You may recognise the gorgeous Tara from TV (The Bachelor, Bachelor in Paradise) and we're so excited she is now an Alf Mama!

May is Mama's Month here at Alf, and we will be bringing you profiles of three different Alf mamas, the first being Tara.

We sat down with Tara as this will be her very first Mother's Day, her beautiful baby boy was born just prior to this blog going live.

Read on and find out how Tara has found being pregnant for the first time, how she is expecting to spend her first Mother's Day, and what family traditions she's wanting to continue once baby boy is earthside!


Alf the Label Tara Pavlovic

What’s one piece of advice you would give to anyone during their first pregnancy?

One piece of advice I would give to anyone during their first pregnancy is be kind to yourself. Book yourself in for a massage, book yourself in to get your hair washed. You are growing a human. It is exhausting. You're allowed to sleep. You're allowed to be tired. I was feeling so guilty for doing all of these things because it's not something I usually do, but you are working so hard and you deserve it.


What has been the biggest challenge so far? 

Pregnancy has been a massive challenge for me so far. I was quite sick at the start of pregnancy and then it got better. And now I'm just in pain all the time. So trying to rest has actually been a challenge because I'm such a doer. I'm always up and about doing things and it's hard when you're used to doing that and you literally just can't.

Also, coming to terms with the fact that I won't be working anymore and I have to depend on someone else to look after me. That's a really hard adjustment I think for any woman who is used to working. It takes a lot of getting used to because you do, in a sense, lose your independence. You're now relying on your husband to look after you and look after the baby, which is a little bit scary because I've always been such an independent person.


Alf the Label Tara Pavlovic

What are you most excited to do on your first Mother’s Day?

Mother's Day this year for me is going to be about getting to know my baby and just spending one-on-one time with him, really getting to know each other because he's due on the 7th of May. So he's going to be very, very new. So that is going to be the absolute best Mother's Day anyone could ever ask for.


Can you think of one tradition/memory you remember doing with your mum or family  that you are planning to continue doing with your child in the future?

There is one family tradition that actually came from Nick's family that they still do to this day over Easter. They go to Byron Bay and they have a week at the caravan park there. Nick’s been doing that since he was really really little and his parents were doing it before he was born with their parents. So I think that's something that's really nice that we're going to continue doing when we have our baby.


Alf the Label Tara Pavlovic



Tara had her beautiful baby boy just prior to this blog going live! You can follow Tara's motherhood journey on Instagram @tarapavlovic and check out some more pics & video from her interview with us on @alf_thelabel.


We acknowledge that Mother's Day can be a hard day for those without their mum, whether it be through distance, passing, or circumstance, and we are sending all our love and thoughts to those of you in our #mummunity.

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