May is Mama's Month: Sophie Doyle

Alf the Label Sophie Doyle

May is Mama's Month here at Alf, and we will be bringing you profiles of three different Alf mamas. Of course we couldn't let Mama's Month go by without featuring our fabulous CEO & Creative Director Sophie Doyle, especially as it's also her birthday month! Woohoo!

We sat down with Sophie and her family to take some special Mama's Month shots, and to find out what Mother's Day looked like to her. 

Alf the Label Sophie Doyle

Can you think of one tradition or memory you remember doing with your mum, that you are planning to continue doing with your children in the future?

This will be my fifth Mother's Day and I'm really looking forward to spending the time with my two children, Ari who is five this year and Otis, who is three.

One of the things that my children always do for me on Mother's Day, which I used to do for my mum when I was little, is bring me a cup of tea in bed. I am a massive tea drinker and I love to get a cup of tea brought to me on Mother's Day morning while I'm having a nice little sleep in.

Sophie's edit: the kids totally nailed this one, I was brought a cup of tea in bed around 7.30am (that's a big sleep in for me!) as well as a little muffin Ari had made the day before :-)

Alf the Label Sophie Doyle

What has been your biggest motherhood challenge so far? 

My biggest challenge with being a mum and a business owner is just finding the time to balance both of them. My babies are my number one priority, but also my Alf baby is also a huge priority in my life, so making sure that I'm spending a balanced amount of time on each is really my biggest challenge.


Sophie is the Founder, CEO and Creative Director of Alf the Label. Alf the Label was established in 2016 with a big intention to build a label of super stylish, yet super functional bags that make mums look like we're totally nailing mum life, even if we haven't slept in weeks. Click below to check out the Mother's Day video of Soph & her fam!

Alf the Label Sophie Doyle
We acknowledge that Mother's Day can be a hard day for those without their mum, whether it be through distance, passing, or circumstance, and we are sending all our love and thoughts to those of you in our #mummunity.

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