5 Uses For Your Change Mat

Alf the Label Baby Change Mat

Baby changing mats are an essential part of parenting on the go, but they can be used for more than just nappy changes.

It's important to always have a change mat on hand when you need it. Beautifully designed to complement your Alf collection, our baby change mats are a parenting essential. Featuring Alf's custom printed outer lining, a padded foam insert and a black water-resistant nylon on the internal. Simply fold and secure with the velcro fastener. Shop >  

Even after your little one is toilet trained, your change mat can still play a role in your everyday life. Here are five other ways to use your change mat:

1. Portable Seat 
The soft padding and water-resistant material makes it the perfect temporary seat. Think wet grass, bumpy sand or rocky surfaces.

2. Play Mat
Take a break from the pram and let your little one enjoy some tummy time, play with toys or practice rolling on the padded surface.

3. Portable Picnic Mat
The perfect mini outdoor picnic option. You can lay the mat on grass and have a comfortable surface to sit on while enjoying a meal. Plus, it's easy to clean up any spills or messes.

4. Car Protector
Place the mat on your car seats or floor to protect the upholstery from the inevitable spills and crumbs of little ones. 

5. Doll Change Mat
Dolls need changing, too! Gift your toddler their very own change mat to encourage imagination and role play.

Alf the Label Baby Change Mat

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