In the Bag: Daycare & Prep Checklist

The start of daycare or prep (kindy) is an emotional time for parents. Excitement at the next step and anxiousness of the unknown.

While we won't know what to expect on their first day, we can make sure they've got everything they need for a smooth transition.

Our number one tip: prepare as much as you can in advance. Pre-pack lunchboxes and their backpack the night before. Label absolutely everything. Plan activities for the drive to and from; particularly if they have a sibling joining them for the ride. You can never have too many snacks!

What to pack for kindy, prep and daycare

Pictured: Mini Backpack in Blue Haze and Clay (left), Utility Trio of Pouches (middle) and Lunch Satchel in Clay (right).

What we pack for daycare and prep/kindy:

  • Backpack
  • Hat
  • Sunscreen
  • Change of clothes
  • Wet bags (like our Utility Trio of Pouches)
  • Multiple meals and snacks in an insulated lunch satchel
  • Large water bottle in a bottle cooler
  • Wet weather gear
  • Nappies, wipes and cream (if needed)
  • Sleep comforter/toy (have a back-up at home)
  • Milk bottles (if needed)

For the pick up and drop off:

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What to pack for daycare, prep or kindy drop off and pick up

Pictured: Alice Phone Crossbody in Black (left), Car Organiser (middle) and Mini Crossbody in Clay.

Have you already made the transition? We'd love to hear your tips.

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