In Conversation with Rachel & Sophie

Maternity fashion brand Apéro Label's Rachel Mellers-Smith and Sophie Doyle, founder of luxe parenting accessory brand Alf the Label, discuss their collaboration resulting in a stylish and functional tote and t-shirt designed for fashion-forward parents.

How did the partnership between Apéro Label and Alf the Label come about?

We connected on LinkedIn and loved what each other was doing. Their shared experiences of becoming mothers and their commitment to creating clothes that empower women with both practicality and style made a collaboration a natural fit.

What challenges did you face working together, on other sides of the country?

Coordinating across time zones with our teams in Western Australia and Queensland was a little challenging, but the similar goals and shared passion for our products made it a breeze.

It was amazing how smoothly everything came together. We both wanted to create something that would make mums feel confident and stylish, and that definitely showed in the final product.

Tell us about the inspiration behind your collaboration collection.

Rachel: As a new mum myself, I realised how much my wardrobe changed. I wanted to design clothes that were functional for breastfeeding and motherhood, but that could also transition seamlessly into everyday wear.

Sophie: My journey with Alf was very similar. The first bag I designed was for myself when I was pregnant. Over the years, I've expanded the line to cater to parents at all stages.

What are the key features of the collaboration tote and tee?

The tote is a timeless design, perfect for busy mums. It's spacious, has organisational pockets, and can be worn as a tote, crossbody, or shoulder bag. Plus, it's made with vegan leather and canvas for durability.

The t-shirt is a classic boyfriend cut, a bestseller for Apéro Label. It features a discreet hidden zip for breastfeeding and a beautiful abstract heart design on the back that represents a mother holding a child.

Why do you think this collection is a must-have for mums?

These pieces are designed to be worn and loved throughout motherhood and beyond. They're functional, stylish, and made with quality materials that will last. Plus, they're a celebration of the amazing journey of motherhood!

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