How To Choose A Maternity & Nursing Bra

Pregnancy and parenthood brings with it a lot of changes, particularly to our bodies. A particular pain point for many new and expecting mothers is finding the perfect maternity bra and nursing bra.

We sat down with Jenna, the mother behind MUMMA MILLA, for her expertise on what to look for, how to find the perfect fit, and what type of designs will work for you.

What led to the creation of Mumma Milla?

MUMMA MILLA was born after the breastfeeding experiences with both of my sons. It was whilst I was packing our bags for a holiday in Greece I had a ‘light-bulb’ moment. My first son, George, was 6 months at the time and we were well into the breastfeeding-swing of things. I remember trying to squeeze in boxes of disposable nursing pads into our suitcase and wished my bras had built in leakproof layers to catch my breastfeeding spills so I didn’t have to rely on (frustrating) nursing pads anymore! I disliked how they showed through my clothing, moved around after each feed, and - the empty wrappers overflowing the bathroom bin really didn’t sit well with me, from an environmental perspective.

It was here the MUMMA MILLA journey began – I started to work on development and design. I was luckily enough to fall pregnant and breastfeed our second son Maxi with our sample prototypes. This gave me the opportunity to really fine-tune and perfect the product from a breastfeeding mother’s point of view. We launched our first leakproof collection in 2022 and have added more styles and options for both pregnant and breastfeeding mothers.

What are some specific tips for choosing a bra?

Finding the perfect bra, especially during pregnancy and post-birth can be a little daunting, but a game changer if you know what to look for.

For MUMMA MILLA, comfort is key – however, as our bodies go through such a rollercoaster of changes it’s important to find something that will last the journey and offer longevity in your wardrobe too.

It is invaluable to invest in quality bras that are designed to work with your body which will be in a state of flux. Having the correct type of nursing bra will result in a more comfortable and easier breastfeeding experience too.

Below are 7 tips on what to look for when purchasing a nursing bra:

  1. Looking for a bra that is made from breathable fabrics, but also stretchy and buttery soft in nature so they can accommodate your changing breast size. Comfort is the number one priority for you both during your pregnancy and postpartum, when your rib-cage expands from the baby, as well as breasts becoming engorged when milk comes in a few days post-delivery.
  2. You can tell you're wearing a well fitted bra when it doesn't dig, poke, or pull to cause discomfort. It needs to be comfortable when you are moving around, and most importantly when you are lying down as you will be resting and recovering horizontally for periods of time post-birth.
  3. A bra that is seamless, clip-free and wire-free is our first choice. Especially those weeks post-birth when you will be recovering and resting (and sleeping during the day with baby) it’s imperative to find a bra that doesn’t dig into you or cause discomfort. MUMMA MILLA offers maximum comfort and support, hugging your body in all of the right places and is also easy enough to pull across for easy nursing access at all times of the day and night.
  4. A "night" bra is a great option for pre and post-birth, especially those first few weeks of breastfeeding when breasts may be tender, engorged and establishing milk supply. Most night bras are comfortable, non-restrictive designs perfect for lounging around the house pre and post-delivery, and give you that gentle support whilst you sleep.
  5. Underwire bras that can dig into your fluctuating breast tissue can cause clogging of milk ducts/ mastitis. It's important to find a soft cup bra.
  6. There are so many eco-friendly materials to choose from these days, and luckily the hypoallergenic /moisture wicking options are great options for nursing bras. With breastfeeding and leaks, it's important to keep nipple health in check and not wear a bra that is non-breathable and restrictive.
  7. Read reviews. Before you buy a bra, read reviews from other mothers to see what they think about the fit, comfort of the bra you are looking at.

At MUMMA MILLA we have a collection of leakproof nursing bralettes that encapsulate all of the above tips for finding the right nursing bra for you. 

Browse the Leakproof Nursing Collection here >

Why do you recommend avoiding bras with underwires?

International Board Certified Lactation Consultant, Endorsed Midwife, Naturopath & Educator Joelleen Winduss-Paye, who regularly writes for our MUMMA MILLA M. Magazine, recommends finding a bra that gives maximum comfort post-birth is key, especially for engorgement which may occur when your milk comes in. It’s also important to not wear a bra that is restricting or digs into breast tissue which can cause blocked ducts / mastitis.

“During pregnancy, your breasts and nipples change and become more sensitive. Soft and comfortable fabrics are essential. Your breasts will change a lot in the first few weeks of breastfeeding and having clothing that grows with your body will feel really helpful.” - Joelleen JWP

Like Alf the Label, Mumma Mulla focuses on being versatile. Can you share some tips on styling the bralettes beyond breastfeeding?

The MUMMA MILLA nursing bras offer a modern maternity option that not only look chic, but are completely functional and versatile too.

MUMMA MILLA believes maternity doesn’t need to make us feel outdated or frumpy, but rather celebrated during this exciting time of change and growth.

We want mums to celebrate their bodies and there is no better way to do this than embodying your own style and wearing clothes that make ‘you’ feel good.

Our pieces can easily be mixed and matched into your wardrobe, they can be worn from hospital to home, day to night, park to dinner date, but most importantly can be worn with anything from jeans to leggings, pj’s to dresses and t-shirts to cardi’s. We recently loved seeing so many mums wearing our bras out and about at the Taylor Swift concerts in Sydney and Melbourne!

The nursing bralette collection boast a “non-maternity design” with no fiddly nursing clips so these won’t show through your clothing which can sometimes dampen an outfit.

Our quick style up when you have 5 minutes > Pair our feminine scalloped edged leakproof bandeau bralette with an oversized white shirt, leggings, a statement necklace and your favourite Alf the Label Luxe baby bag.

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