Father's Day Traditions

At the heart of what we do and who we are here at Alf, is parenthood.

Whether you're celebrating the first or fiftieth, I hope all the father figures in your life have a wonderful weekend filled with love from near and afar.

I look forward to watching my children fuss over their Dad and Alf's General Manager, my husband Luke.

Luke always gets a sleep in, followed by a coffee made by the kids. They often want to make him pancakes for breakfast after he opens his gifts (including the cute/random items they have made at school). It's usually pretty low key - but a nice day to appreciate how much he does for us.

The Alf the Label Family - Sophie, Ari, Otis and Luke Doyle

If you'd like some inspiration on how to celebrate, I spoke to my team who shared their Father's Day traditions.

“Normally Dad gets coffee/tea and breakfast in bed! We aim to have some sort of outing in the day; picnic, park or lunch.” Lucy, Wholesale & Production Coordinator 
"We usually do coffee and presents in bed - the kids and I make breakfast - then out for an activity like mini golf or bowling." Erin, Customer Service Officer
"My dad gets breakfast in bed and insists on a Swedish "prawn sandwich cake" (smorgostarta) every single time." Lina, Digital Marketing & Content Coordinator
"Our day starts with every dad's favourite way; a sleep-in, followed by a hot breakfast. My toddlers have already made cards and are bursting to give them to their Dad. We usually take the day easy with an outing to the zoo or park." Katherine, Marketing & E-Commerce Manager

What are your father's day traditions? Comment below and let us know.

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