Easter Traditions From Around The World

For those that celebrate Easter, it can be a very exciting day for families of little ones filled with sugar highs (and the inevitable crashes).

If you'd like to try something a little different, we asked our multi-cultural team at Alf HQ to share their traditions from around the world that don't involve chocolate.

Polish "Babka Bread" Tradition 
Inspired by our CEO and Creative Director Sophie Doyle

The Polish babka bread tradition is a popular Easter tradition in Poland and other Eastern European countries. Babka is a sweet bread that is typically flavoured with vanilla, almond, lemon, or raisins, and often in a bundt cake shape. In Poland, babka is often served as a dessert or a sweet snack during the Easter holiday.

Here's Sophie's favourite recipe for Polish Babka >

Image of Polish Babka from King Arthur Baking

Greek "Red Egg" Cracking Game
Inspired by our Marketing & E-Commerce Manager Katherine

The Greek red egg Easter game, also known as "tsougrisma," involves two players each holding a hard-boiled egg that has been dyed red. They tap their eggs together, with one player trying to crack the other player's eggshell. The player whose egg remains uncracked after competing against all the remaining people is considered the winner and is believed to have good luck for the year. You'll have a hard boiled egg to eat afterwards, and cracking then peeling the egg is also a great opportunity to keep little ones occupied while honing their fine motor skills.

Swedish "Påskkärringar" Dress-Ups
Inspired by Digital Marketing & Content Coordinator Lina

Påskkärringar is a Swedish Easter tradition that involves children dressing up as "Easter witches." The children usually wear old clothes, aprons, headscarves, and carry broomsticks, and go door-to-door in their neighbourhoods, wishing people a Happy Easter and handing out decorated willow twigs in exchange for sweets or coins.

Scottish Egg Decorating & Rolling Competition
Inspired by Wholesale & Production Coordinator Lucy

The Scottish egg decorating and rolling Easter tradition involves hard-boiling eggs, decorating them, then rolling them down a hillside. The person whose egg rolls the farthest without cracking or breaking is considered the winner. The eggs are usually decorated with various designs and colours before the rolling contest, which is a popular activity in Scotland during Easter celebrations. A great creative activity the whole family can be involved in.

Traditional Easter Egg Hunt
Inspired by General Manager Luke

One many of us would be familiar with is the traditional Easter egg hunt. Hiding chocolate or plastic eggs in a designated area, such as the backyard, park or in Luke's instance, his family farm. Either hidden in plain sight for little ones, or challenging locations for the older children. For a twist, incorporate clues or riddles in the search.

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What Easter traditions have you started with your family?

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