Behind the Brand: Evolving with Alf

Are you the same person now you were five years ago?

I am confident most of you would answer “no” to this question. Myself included.

Five years ago I was venturing into both motherhood with my first born and small business with the launch of Alf the Label. From the very beginning of Alf, I found a community of mothers who resonated with the same styles and trends I did and needed them designed to function for their new stage of life. 

Our tastes were different in 2016. We wanted contrasting patterns and prints, and bright colour ways. We were boisterous, and a little bit cheeky. As a brand, Alf reflected our collective personas with peach colours, our signature spots across the exterior of our bags and our language was casual and conversational to connect with our audience at a personal level.

My personal stage of life has changed considerably since Alf was founded. I am now a mother of a three-year-old and a six-year-old. My assurance as a parent, bag designer, and small business owner grew. The sizes and shapes of the bags I needed changed with me and my family. 

As I have evolved, so has our Alf Community. The updated brand we unveiled last month and the launch of Alf Luxe and Alf Athletica is reflective of Alf the Label evolving with us. 

What has not changed is the nature of Alf as a business and my deep involvement in every detail, especially the ideas and designs from which our collections come to life. When I think of designing from a personal perspective, these selections from the Luxe and Athletica collections come immediately to mind. 

I always had a soft spot for Elsie. Any time I took her out of one of my Alf bags, I received so many compliments that it felt a shame to have to put her back! When I step out to pick up a coffee or lunch with my team, no children in tow, I travel light with my Elsie wallet, phone, and keys. The Gold Carabiner was my personal solution to keeping my absolute essentials together and in sight.

The Luxe Sue: Black

When I was younger I loved the classic hobo styles from Fendi and Coach from the 1990s to the early 2000s. You can imagine my joy when I began to see updated versions of the hobo back on the runway last year. However, even with my children grown out of their baby years, I still needed this style adapted for parenting so I did what I always do and designed my own. I find myself reaching for Sue often, from my collection of new Alfs. 

The Frankie Crossbody: Truffle

I designed Frankie with my husband Luke in mind, as well as the myriad of fathers and parents in my life who needed a functional, athletic piece to work for them. Frankie is a direct nod to the bum bag style from the 1990s that has resurged in popularity this year. I added a crossbody strap and the option to clip it to one’s pram to ensure Frankie is always on trend, even after we’ve moved on to another comeback style. 

I would love to see your personal selections this season.
Thank you for being here.


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