Alf x Peachii

Speaking to my customers in DM's, on email, and especially in person – I realised something was missing.

Our community has grown and grown, since I founded Alf the Label in 2016. They are passionate about, and invest in high quality everyday essentials, that give them confidence, peace of mind and comfort (smart women, if you ask me). But, they were missing something.

Cue my newest venture, Peachii Insurance with my co-founder (and fellow parent) Katherine Clayton.

The first of its kind, Peachii puts customers first in the realm of retail insurance and gives a whole new meaning to feeling protected. Fuelled by human-centric insights and a burning desire to drive a ripple of change, we're truly carving out our own lane in the game.

The concept for Peachii was born out of a need to keep everyday items, (like your favourite Alf handbag), protected from when the unexpected happens. Because without a doubt, it does.

> It’s transparent, affordable and flexible item by item insurance

> It's hassle-free cover to keep your bag safe from loss, damage or theft

> It's embedded in the online shopping experience, making it SO simple to add protection to your order

My handbag pretty much contains my entire work and personal life at any point in time. So, to lose it, or get it stolen would be heartbreaking. Adding the stress of having to replace the bag, too? No thanks.

We saw that people want peace of mind and Peachii is here to provide it. For good.

After years of developing this offering behind the scenes, I am so, SO excited to bring it to life. I’m even more excited to change the game of the insurance world.

How does it work?

Add your eligible* item to cart and click to activate your FREE 7 day policy + shipping cover with Peachii. Protected from theft, loss and irreparable damages, for 7 days – free*. Plus, you’ll also be covered with Shipping Cover, which protects your item while it's enroute should it be lost/damaged/stolen. 

Shipping cover is yours for 7 days with Peachii. After that, if you want your item to stay protected, Peachii’s got you there too. Protection for your item for a few bucks a month covering you for loss, theft, or irreparable damage. 

Want to learn more about Peachii? Head here @get_peachii or visit

*Peachii terms & conditions apply. Visit for full T&C’s. 

Peachii Co-Founders Katherine Clayton and Sophie Doyle

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