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We at Alf the Label are proud to join the #WeWearAustralian campaign to highlight the importance of supporting the Australian fashion industry.

It is no secret that the events from 2020 to present day have been unprecedented and difficult for us all. The Australian fashion industry and the hundreds of thousands of those employed in the industry have been deeply impacted by the global situation. 

We are partnering with #WeWearAustralian to extend our own support to our peers in the fashion community. This important initiative was launched in 2020 to unite and uplift the fashion industry and local Australians in need, and we are pleased to see its resurgence this year and to join the movement as a participant brand. 

We have felt these challenges firsthand as a small Australian label. The support of our Alf Community and those who are committed to buying Australian has helped to see us through this trying time.

As part of the #WeWearAustralian campaign, we are offering an additional $50 credit when you purchase a $300 Alf the Label voucher for a combined value of $350.00. To redeem this offer, add a voucher valued at $300 to your cart, then a voucher valid for $50 to your cart and enter code WEWEARAUSTRALIAN at checkout. This offer is available from 5th October to 16th October 2021 at the culmination of the #WeWearAustralian campaign.

When you purchase from and wear Australian designers you are helping to ensure our fashion industry can remain not only robust but thriving for years to come. 

We thank you for assisting our beloved fashion community in any way you can and, as always, for being here as part of our Alf Community.

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