Unique Baby Name Ideas

One of the most important, and often earliest, decision you'll make for your little one. Their baby name! Some may find naming their newborn one of the easiest decisions, while others search high and low for the perfect name.

Like many Australian workplaces, the team at Alf the Label HQ have a variety of cultural backgrounds. We wanted to share the top baby names from our cultures to give you a little inspiration.

Here are the 10 international baby names from around the world you may not have considered:

Inspired by CEO and Creative Director Sophie

  1.  Zofia (F)
  2. Antoni (M)
  3. Maja (F)
  4. Aleksander (M)
  5. Michal (M)
  6. Jakub (M)
  7. Julia (F)
  8. Helena (F)
  9. Adam (M)
  10. Lena (F)

Inspired by our Marketing & E-Commerce Manager Katherine

  1. Georgios (M)
  2. Maria (F)
  3. Ioannis (M)
  4. Eleni (F)
  5. Konstantinos (M)
  6. Aikaterini (F)
  7. Dimitrios (M)
  8. Vasiliki (F)
  9. Nikolaos (M)
  10. Sophia (F)

Inspired by Digital Marketing & Content Coordinator Lina

  1. Astrid (F)
  2. William (M)
  3. Maja (F)
  4. Liam (M)
  5. Alma (F)
  6. Noah (M)
  7. Vera (F)
  8. Hugo (M)
  9. Freja (F)
  10. Oliver (M)

Inspired by Wholesale & Production Coordinator Lucy

  1. Olivia (F)
  2. Jack (M)
  3. Emily (F)
  4. Noah (M)
  5. Isla (F)
  6. Leo (M)
  7. Freya (F)
  8. Oliver (M)
  9. Ella (F)
  10. Harris (M)

    South Africa
    Inspired by Digital Advertising Specialist Aidan

    1. Johannes (M)
    2. Maria (F)
    3. Elizabeth (F)
    4. David (M)
    5. Anna (F)
    6. John (M)
    7. Michael (M)
    8. Sibongile (F/M)
    9. Johanna (F)
    10. Sipho (M)

      Inspired by our Customer Service Officer Erin

      1. Olivia (F)
      2. Noah (M)
      3. Emma (F)
      4. Liam (M)
      5. Amelia (F)
      6. Oliver (M)
      7. Ava (F)
      8. Elijah (M)
      9. Sophia (F)
      10. Mateo (M)

      Inspired by our Designer Hayley

      1. Olivia (F)
      2. Liam (M)
      3. Emma (F)
      4. Noah (M)
      5. Charlotte (F)
      6. Oliver (M)
      7. Amelia (F)
      8. Elijah (M)
      9. Ava (F)
      10. James (M)

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