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We often get asked about where our products are made and about the origins of our leather – and we are so proud to share a bit of #bts with you.
All of the leather used in our products is ethically sourced and processing is as sustainable as possible. The leather we use is a bi-product of the food industry and is processed by tanneries with sustainable and ethical production standards. Using leather which is a bi-product of the food industry is reducing environmental waste by create a sustainable use for the hides which would otherwise have be sent to landfill.
Why should you love leather? Because leather is a sustainable material in its own right, unlike PU and many vegan leathers it isn’t man-made and will break down over time, it ages gracefully, each piece is completely unique and it’s naturally strong beyond its faux cousins.
We use top grain pebbled calf leather as the primary material on our Alf Originals bags. This leather is made from the strongest, highest quality part of the hide and an embossing technique is used during the tanning process to create the pebbled texture.
We also use premium spot printed and plain dyed fur, which are also produced from cow hides. No exotic animals here.  
Our Alf Active range uses ostrich stamped leather trims made from quality cow hide – the calf leather is embossed to appear like the genuine Ostrich leather you would see on well-known luxury accessories.

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