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Care for Alf


The exterior of your Alf bag has been treated with waterproofer, so you can wipe her down with a damp cloth. The interior lining can be spot cleaned with a damp cloth. Spot clean or hand wash padded changing mat.

We recommend spraying/treating your bag with some waterproofer love at the beginning of each season to ensure the leather stays in tip top condition.


Cow hide can also be spot cleaned using a damp (not soaking) cloth and a soft toothbrush.

Alf bags are made from natural cow hide and like all fur and hide, it can malt or shed a little. The best way to treat this is to gently brush with a fine tooth comb. This also works if the fur gets rubbed up the wrong way.

Please be gentle with the cow hide on your Alf bag, as it may begin to wear away over time if the hide is constantly rubbing with friction against your clothing or a surface. It is the customers responsibility to take care with their bag.

The spotty cow hide we use is hand painted, so no two pieces of spotty hide are the same. This means each piece is unique! Awesome!


Should your zips feel sticky or stiff when your Alf bag is brand new a good trick is to rub a beeswax candle or some lead pencil along the zip to help it glide with ease.

Ensure you only zip and unzip your bag when the zipper is flat and straight. Excessive pulling or tugging on the zip may cause the zip head to bend and the zip teeth misalign. It is a customers responsibility to take care of the zip and not overfill the bag.

Just like all zips, it's a good idea to get your zip serviced once in a while to ensure the teeth are still in good condition. In the unlikely event that your zipper jams, the teeth bend or the zip even wiggles loose, your local cobbler will be your new best friend. Most cobblers will be able to either unjam your zip, or tighten it if required.


Should you scratch the leather on your bag during use - please treat this as you would a pair of leather shoes. You can treat the leather on the bag with the correct colour shoe polish/wax. 

Lastly - don't forget, these bags are made of real leather... and just like our skin, leather is never perfect, so sometimes you may see very minor bumps or wrinkles on the surface of your bag. Just like us Mamas, these wrinkles will become softer and probably increase over time. But that's what love and age does to us right ;-)