What to Pack in a Nappy Bag for Hospital: What will BABY actually NEED?!

Following on from our What will MAMA actually NEED in hospital blog, we thought we’d compile a little list of things you might want to bring for bubba after the big event…i.e. CHILDBIRTH!


Now, truthfully, there ain’t a lot of things that a newborn baby NEEDS and most hospitals will provide you with the necessities, BUT there are some ‘nice to haves’ that you might want to pack away in your Alf bag, just in case!


Your own nappies, wipes, and baby wash

Now, these are the things that most hospitals (in Australia anyway) will provide for you – if not they will always tell you to bring some! But obviously, hospitals will have only generic brands OR brands that you may not wish to use/washes that include ingredients you want to keep bub away from. SO if you’ve already chosen the type of nappy/diaper, wipes and baby toiletries you want to use, it’s definitely best to bring a stash of your own. Same goes for if you’re choosing to use cloth diapers, though keep in mind that you will likely not have any access to washing services! It’s always a good idea to double-check with the hospital too, and just let them know your plans.


Cute swaddles/wraps/cot sheets or outfits

Again, most hospitals will provide a basic t-shirt, plus wraps and blankets for bub to use. These are usually white or with a standard pattern SO if you want something super cute for your Insta pics, or you want bub to get used to a certain kind of swaddle, the best thing to do is to pack them yourself.

 Dummy or Pacifier

If you’re not sure if you want to use a dummy or not that’s totally cool, but it’s best to bring a couple of different brands, sterilised, to the hospital just in case! You might find that after a few nights of settling a baby you might be quite willing to give it a go! It’s also best to bring a few different styles to see what bub might like best.


Gifts for big sister or brother

If this ain’t your first rodeo you may be all over this, but we’re here to remind you! Most parents like to pre-organise a ‘present’ for the new baby to give their older siblings as a way of buttering them up and helping them to be more open to the new addition – someone who brings gifts could never be bad right? You obviously know your children best, so you can decide what’s appropriate for your little fam bam, but a lot of mamas have reported that this is a great way of breaking the ice upon that first special introduction.


Fully stocked diaper/nappy bag for the drive home!

Cos you just never know right?! Poop explosions, a hungry baby who just can’t wait, a just fed baby who can’t hold it in, all manner of things can happen on that first careful drive home. So it's best to pack your Alf nappy bag with plenty of nappies, wipes, a change of clothes, bottles if that’s how bubs is fed, a dummy if you’re using one and, just in case, maybe some chocolate or a treat for mama…


 It can be super scary, but also crazy exciting packing your hospital bag as it means that everything is becoming REAL. But hopefully, these handy guides have given you a little insight into what other mamas have found useful in their hospital stay!

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