Uh, what the heck do you need for a second baby?! Things we learnt from our FAB #mummunity

Excitement is high when you know that second baby is on the way – especially if you had no idea about Alf the Label for the first one and now you have the best excuse ever to get an Alf nappy bag!

But, uh, what the heck do I need for a second baby? Should I buy new stuff? Re-use old? What are some awesome hacks to use with my toddler so that I don’t go completely insane?


It can be super daunting having that second bub as it's really hard to remember everything that went down the first time! Also, first time around you’re in a super baby bubble where EVERYTHING revolves around the fact there’ll be a new addition soon. SECOND time you have another child, probably are back at work or just totally in toddler world, then you get to 30 weeks and its like ‘ah crap, that’s right, there’ll be a baby here soon!’


Well don’t you worry your pretty little head Alf mama, our #mummunity have GOT YOUR BACK! Alf marketing mama Bree reached out for some majorly needed HALP once she decided on the Stella for her baby bag, and boy oh boy did you gals deliver.


Some of the top tips she nabbed:


  • Get a present for #1 from the bubba, so they feel all the special feelings and also warm to the new arrival a lot quicker – everyone loves presents!
  • Pack allllll the snacks for hospital
  • You can never have too many muslin wraps
  • When packing your hospital, men’s underwear for post birth works a TREAT


For ALL the kick-ass second baby tips, check out the SUPER SPECIAL Insta Live by Bree and Chief Alf Mama Sophie HERE.

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