The most popular baby bag of 2019... according to you!


Hey mamas! Sophie your Chief Alf Mama here again!  

Sophie Doyle Alf the Label baby bagsCan you believe it we are already here at 2020 – golly when did that even happen I feel like 2019 only started yesterday. Anyhow, whilst doing my wrap up of 2019 I had a look at which was YOUR most popular baby bag of last year and I was SHOCKED! Historically our all-black collection has been a standout favourite, with black obviously the easiest colour to wear, it's safe! Black goes with everything it's generally the colour you can get away with having the most muck on without people noticing…  so, of course, I assumed the all-black collection would still be the most popular collection of 2019, but read on folks. Bombshell! One of our Ari 4-way backpacks came in at number one, and it wasn’t All-Black! Whhhaat! in fact, if you’re looking at style, from the top five baby bags of 2019, The Ari takes out four of those five positions. 

There really is no wonder a four-way diaper bag backpack took out the pole position - I know just as well as you do, having your hands free when you've got your kids or your baby in your arms is sometimes essential. That's why the convertible backpack was so popular in 2019.

She’s so handy, you can convert her four ways:

  • As a backpack, using the two included adjustable leather backpack straps
  • Take her backpack straps off and use her as a satchel, using one of the long backpack straps to extend into a long strap, connected to the D rings on the side.
  • Use the Ari 4-way backpack as a tote bag with the tote handle on the back, or
  • Connect her as a pram bag using our handy pram (stroller) straps to secure her to your buggy.

Anyhow, I’m sure you’re here to find out which bag made it to the top of the list!?

  1. Ari Tan Spot

With her boho, Australian beach babe vibe the tan spot range has become our best seller! Woo hoo! She is a total beauty and because spots are legit a neutral these days she goes with everything. 

Ari Tan Spot Alf the Label diaper bag baby bag
  1. Ari All Black

No surprises here that our All Black collection came in second. Black really is the new black… 

Ari All Black Alf the Label diaper bag baby bag
  1. Ari Black Spot

Such a fun colour variation to the All Black range, perfect for the animal print lover, or just the monochrome maven wanting to casual up their look a little.

Ari Black Spot Alf the Label diaper bag baby bag
  1. Stella All Tan

Stella is the largest of the Alf babes, with the All Tan introduced into the family early 2019 and has since been a stellar seller. The All Tan range is a beaut, with the early vibe coming through the tan cowhide and buttery tan leather. Yum.

Stella All Tan Alf the Label diaper bag baby bag
  1. Ari All Tan

Another of our All Tan babes, and was very close to coming in 4th place. A stand out favourite.

Ari All Tan Alf the Label diaper bag baby bag

So which bag is your favourite? Let me know by sending me an email! Or duck over to our socials and give us a high five emoji on your fave… I’ll be looking out for it!

Now I am in the mood, I’m going to go ahead and write your next instalment – our predicted trends for baby bags/diaper bags for 2020! Stay tuned.

 Sophie Doyle Alf the Label Chief Alf Mama

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