So What Now?! 6 Boredom Busting Activities for the Littles - Using Normal Household Items!

Well mamas, we all know it. It’s happening. We’re all going to be spending a lot more time in our houses with the kidlets – whether it be because of isolation or just bad winter weather. So I’m sure you’re like us and wondering how the heck you’re going to be keeping these small humans entertained without maxing out your Disney Plus subscription. Well never fear, Alf is here!

We spoke to two activity experts to get the goods on what you can do with your kids, using some really simple equipment that most of us have lying around the house.

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First up is Victoria from Packs of Fun. Victoria is a mum and teacher, and her website sells fully equipped packs that not only promote learning through play, but help parents provide fun activities without having to spend hours on Google and Pinterest! You can also find Victoria on Instagram at @packsoffun


Cardboard Roll Construction


Cardboard Roll Activity Kids Sensory Babies Games

What You Need:


Cardboard rolls (eg. paper towel roll, wrapping paper roll, other rolls you may have an abundance of 😉…)





What to Do:

  1. Using your ruler and pencil, measure the length of each roll – make them either 5cm or 10cm.
  2. Cut them out so that they are different lengths (younger children may need an adult to do this).
  3. Then use the ruler to make marks on four sides of the roll. Use the scissors to cut a narrow slot at each of these marks.
  4. Repeat the same steps for the bottom of the roll.
  5. Once you have your slots, you can use your cardboard roll to build!



  • You may like to paint the cardboard rolls to add a pop of colour!
  • Experiment with what you can make – can you build a castle? A tall tower? A boat?
  • Add more rolls to your collection – it will allow you to create so much more!


Washi Tape Painting 

Watashi Tape Painting Kids Sensory Activity Babies Games

What You Need:

Cardboard or large piece of paper

Washi tape or painters tape


Paint brush

Messy mat, art smock or similar


What to Do:

  1. Take the tape and place it on the cardboard – criss cross it, place it in lines, the choice is yours! For younger children make the gaps in between wider and use thicker tape if possible.
  2. Set up your space for painting – place a mat underneath the painting area and have art smocks ready. Pour a small amount of paint into the containers, have paint brushes at the ready.
  3. Paint in each section, trying not to mix the colours with each other.
  4. Leave your painting to dry. Then carefully peel off the tape – you will be left with some amazing looking artwork!

Washi Tape Paint Activity Kids Sensory Games BabiesWashi Tape Paint Activity Kids Sensory Games Babies


  • For children learning their name, tape the letters of their name.
  • Use recycled cardboard if you have some laying around – rip up an old box!
  • Discuss colours and whether they are warm or cool, the shades of colours etc.
  • Experiment with mixing colours of paint on a tray before applying it to your artwork.
  • Display you art piece proudly!


Water Play!

What You Need:

A shallow tub

Items to scoop and pour eg. ladles, spoons, empty containers, droppers, ice cube trays and cups (raid the kitchen cupboards!)

Food colouring (optional)



What to Do:

  1. Fill the shallow tub about halfway with some water.
  2. Add in your scooping and pouring items. You may like to add a few drops of food colouring to one of the containers.
  3. Then allow your child to explore – if you need to demonstrate scooping and pouring join in with them at the start.



  • As always around water, constant supervision is a must.
  • Come up with words you can use to describe what you are doing (eg. tip, scoop, pour, half, empty, full), the sounds the water makes and anything else you observe.
  • Add some fine motor skills to the mix – get a dropper or similar and practice filling up the containers with it.

Head to Packs of Fun for more awesome ideas!


Eddi from The Literacy Playroom is an Early Childhood Teacher, Literacy/Numeracy Specialist and Mum of 3! Eddi provides activities and products through her website designed to encourage children to develop all the essential skills required before they begin to read and write, all while having a fun, fabulous time! They won’t even know its learning right?! You can also find Eddi on Instagram at @the_literacy_playroom


Sticker Patterns

What You Need:

Table Top or Large Piece of Cardboard

Painters Tape



What To Do:

1. Stick the painter’s tape in different patterns on the table tops. This could be zig zags, straight lines, criss crosses… etc…

2. Provide your child with stickers of any sort (sticker dots are great but anything will do!)

3. Your child can stick their stickers following the patterns of the painter’s tape.


  • Following these patterns provides the opportunity to cross the midline (being able to reach across the body with the opposite hand / arm).
  • Peeling stickers is also an excellent task for building finger strength needed for pencil grip and writing in later stages.


Collage Craft

What You Need:

Paper (White or Coloured)


Patty Pans



Sticky Tape

Craft (Feathers, Glitter, Tissue Paper…. Etc…)


What To Do:

1. Place all craft items, glue, scissors etc… on a tray ready to use.

2. Provide a plain piece of paper for your child to glue on (the larger the better if you have it available).

3. Let them cut, glue, stick and watch their creations come to life!


  • This activity can be changed every time it’s set up by adding different materials for your child to use!
  • Ask your child to explain their picture – this will build their vocabulary and develop descriptive language.


Pantry Play

What You Need:

An Ice Tray

Assorted Scoops and Utensils

A Variety of Pantry Items (Eg: Chick Peas, Split Peas, Rice, Oats, Soup Mix etc…)


What To Do:

1. Place each pantry item into separate bowls.

2. Ask your child to select a scoop or utensil and start filling the ice cube tray.


  • Your child may want to mix the pantry items and that’s ok!
  • You can identify colours in the pantry items.
  • Try different scoops and utensils – what works and what doesn’t?

Check out The Literacy Playroom for extra fun!


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