Practically Perfect Pram Strap Hacks

They’ve been around for a while but some of our mamas still may not know the amazingness of our pram straps which go with your Alf baby bag. Of course, they’re super fabbo for carrying your baby bag or caddy on your pram but DID YOU KNOW that there are heaps of pram strap hacks that will totes help make your #mumlife just that little bit easier.


Shopping Bag


Go hands-free by hanging your reusable shopping bags (or Everything bag!) on the handle of your pram or shopping trolley. It means no more awkward fumbling underneath the pram for said bags, or having to dig them out from under the shopping because you totally forgot you would need them first and they’re now under 4 boxes of cereal, 3L milk, a couple of blocks of chocolate and bulk nappies.


Drink Bottle

Need a drink but too pooped from your workout (or you just can’t be bothered) to reach under the pram to dig the bottle out? Or does that toddler you're pushing want a drink/doesn’t want a drink/want a drink/doesn’t want a drink? You can hook most sports type bottles to the pram straps, and if not you can always tie a ribbon around the bottle in order to create a loop for easy carrying.


Keys and Coin Purse

The things you need the most right? Something we’ve learnt about a lot of mamas is that their bag, whether it be a handbag or Alf baby bag, is a Mary Poppins black hole of squished snacks, loose change, and makeup items. If you want to keep your keys and purse handy you can totally hook them to your prams straps, so no more pulling out 75 dirty tissues before you can pay for your coffee.


Wet Bag

Swimming lessons? Park with one of those cool water play areas? Kids that like jumping in puddles? Waterproof bags are super handy but sometimes you don’t want to stuff them into your baby bag – it's too easy to forget they’re there! Hook to the handle of your pram and you (hopefully) won’t forget to chuck those swimmers in the wash when you get home – hooray for non-smelly swimwear!


Anything you can think of!

Pretty much anything you need to access quickly you can probably hang from your pram. And hey, if you can figure out how to attach an open packet of chips so you can snack while pram pushing then we would be really impressed! (send pics!)

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