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One of the most exciting moments of finding out I was pregnant as an Interior Designer was “Yay I get to design a room for my very own baby” (I know I’m terrible..). But as we know when you find out your about to be responsible for another human’s life and all the things start to build up on your list to do before bub arrives, you wonder how on earth am I a) going to afford this, and b) have time!

Well don’t you worry, I’m here to show you both! I’m presenting to you a designer style nursery that won’t break the bank! And of course the style is inspired by yours truly (Alf the Label) because who doesn’t think their style is freaking awesome!?

I learnt a lot doing my own little girl’s nursery, obviously, at first I was super naïve and wanted it to look pretty but as I lived in the space I clearly understood that the realities of having a baby are not as glamorous as the mums on Instagram made me believe it to be.

If there is one thing I know for sure, when you have this precious child, time flies, like quite literally in the blink of an eye they are climbing out of their cot and ready for a big person bed! Time goes quick, and that child of yours will outgrow things like there is no tomorrow. This includes furniture. This is why I think it is important to remember their room will be ever-changing and we should invest in pieces that we know will be sticking around -- for me, this was my Alf the Label bag (duh) which is still with me to this day (but for work) -- and the items we know will be temporary we don’t have to break the bank on! And don’t worry this doesn’t mean you need to go without style!

Before I jump into the how-to of designing the space, I want to cover some important factors that you should always consider when putting together a nursery;

1. Safety first -- We will all have the rules and regulations drilled into us on nursery design so just be sure to follow these guidelines when putting together bub's room.

2. Comfort -- Invest in a good mattress, bedding & sheets for bub. A comfortable nursing chair is also key – I have chosen the POANG chair by IKEA, not only because it is SO AFFORDABLE but because it is genuinely comfortable – it has been voted as one of the best nursing chairs and it rocks!! When you have bub in your arms, let me tell you the gentle rock of this chair will (fingers crossed) put bub to sleep. For comfort, I have also added a shaggy rug on the floor (don’t worry we can wash this when we need to, but with a new baby, these types of rugs are perfect for tummy time and also a great way to help absorb any noise pollution.

3. Organised storage systems – This for me was a lifesaver, by organised storage systems I mean – drawer dividers to keep those drawers tidy and you know where everything is, hooks for the walls (to hang your Alf bag obviously), baskets to sort toys etc. My favourite was the add on storage cups for the change table (don’t worry I have added this to the shopping list) This allowed me to have easy access to nappies, wipes, the nappy bin etc. as I was trying to change bub (because we all have those moments where a poo explosion has occurred and we only have one arm free..).

Ok, we have covered the essentials, now for the fun part! How to style the nursery;

1. Find the style of the space -- To do this you can source inspiration from everywhere, my favourite place to do this is with Pinterest, magazines, Instagram, finding fabrics & out in nature. Literally gather anything that pulls on your heartstrings and start bringing together a mood board. 

2. Create a colour palette -- Looking back at your mood board, you will see a common trend of colours & materials. Using these findings use the 60-30-10 rule as a base to create a harmonious colour palette for the space. For example; 60% main colour - Eg. most walls are white or neutral 30% Secondary colour - Eg. Flooring, feature walls, larger furniture 10% Accent colour - Eg. pop of colour through accessories & decoration. 

3. Strategically plan – Ok so function first guys!! Now we know the beautiful style we are going for and have chosen the colour palette. Before purchasing anything we must dig deep and discover the science of how this room will need to operate to ensure it is enhancing your lifestyle and being used to its full potential. To do this list out every activity that will need to take place in the space and the solution needed for this. For example, changing bubs nappy – The solution to do this to its best potential would be having a change table with an organisational system for nappies. At the end of this step, you should have a good list of exactly what you need for this space. As a general rule of thumb, a nursery would need a cot, a change table, storage and a nursing chair – this will be altered depending on your lifestyle & living situation.

1. Paint – Refer back to the colour palette you selected in the previous step. Never underestimate the power paint has in transforming a space!

2. Textiles – The design element that makes a house feel like a home. Textiles soften a space; they add warmth & comfort to a space not only that they reduce noise & control temperature within a space which is essential for a nursery. Bring in window coverings, bedding, a floor rug, cushions & throws.

3. Lighting - Without lighting you wouldn't see...literally! No, but seriously lighting is SO important when it comes creating a beautiful space. Why? It allows you to see and use your space at all hours of the day (Which we need to do with a bub), allows you to perform certain tasks in certain areas of the space eg. a reading lamp which can be handy for feeing bub at night instead of turning on the main light, lighting also helps to add to the mood and ambience of a space.

4. Decorate & style - This is the icing on the cake to truly amazing design. This is where you add personality, soul & style. Here are some ways you can decorate your nursery;

  • Add plants & real greenery to help bring life into the space
  • Add artwork or a feature in the room (You will see I have used the idea of painted a block colour arch shape behind the cot).
  • Decorate with baskets, pots, ornaments etc. 
  • Display your favourite books & toys

Tip: Refer to your mood board and get inspired by the styling used

Shopping List

Ikea Wooden Change Table

Mocka Cot

Change table organisation accessories

Rattan baskets for under change table

Rattan wall hanging shelf/hooks

Change mat for change table

Wall decal spots

Ikea Poang armchair

Round rug

IKEA SKAGGORT Fabric to use as chair cover

Rattan KNIXHULT IKEA pendant light

Adairs round kids cushion

Adairs lion head cushion


I hope these tips have helped you to bring together an amazing nursery to bring your baby into this world. The most important thing you can do when designing your baby’s nursery is creating a space that makes you feel happy & comfortable. After all, you’re going to be spending a lot of time in there!


Nicola from She Creates Co is an Interior Designer and mama of one. You can find her on Instagram at or via her website - Nicola has also designed the fit-out for the new Alf HQ and we think she is a design queeeeeen. 

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