Currently crushing on...Ravishing Rouge!

Meet our latest crush, the new Alf Limited Edition colour...

Alf the Label have introduced our Limited Edition colour for 2019 and it is RAVISHING ROUGE. ‘Rouge’ in French translates to ‘Red’ but the Alf Rouge is so much more, and evokes the many tones of red, pink, orange, and blush that women use to colour their cheeks and lips. Alf Rouge is described as a deep blush colour, it’s not quite red and not quite pink, a rich hue that screams luxury and will zhush up any pram or outfit. She looks particularly fabulous with grey, black, tan, white, cream and denim.

The Rouge is available in our full range of baby bags – the Stella, Ari and Muriel – as well as the Little Dot, for those who want a little colour splash.


How did you choose ROUGE?

Following the huge success of our 2017 limited edition colour Rose, and given sooooo many mamas asked us to bring it back, Chief Alf Mama Sophie was searching for a colour in the same family but… well, different! The deep, rich tones of the Rouge really appealed as it’s a totally different feel from the Rose but still has the warmth and sumptuousness. She’s truly magnificent!

Rouge is also an extremely versatile colour. We had a lot of mamas who loved the Rose, but thought it might be a little too feminine for hubby to carry, or they wanted a hue also suited to their baby boy. Rouge ticks all those boxes!


Pantone colour of the year

The Pantone colour of the year was released in December 2018, and we were so pleased to see that it is Living Coral, a tone that sits Rouge squarely in the colour palette of what will be in #fashun this year! This year’s Autumn New York Fashion week was awash with Rouge – check out some of these great Rouge inspo looks below!


   Tom Ford      Sally LaPointe     Cushnie           Hellessy            Khaite


The Rouge Collection will be our last FULL limited edition collection. We will still be doing our limited edition colours, but the collections will look a little different. So if you love her, we definitely recommend snapping up one, or more, of the Rouge bags so that you don’t miss out!

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