Gaaaahhh I love both the Ari and the Stella Alf nappy bags…… how do I choose!?

We get messages like this almost daily – so here’s a little article to help clarify all those burning questions. 

"So, what is the difference between the Ari convertible backpack, and the Stella tote?"

Well, I must state the obvious to begin with, just in case you missed it. Ari is a convertible backpack. Which basically means, it’s a bag you can wear three ways. Using the short handle the Ari can be worn on your forearm… it’s also handy for those grab-and-go moments where you just need to haul your crap to and from the car. You can use the long strap over your shoulder and you can convert her to a backpack by connecting the second adjustable strap to the back of the bag – as shown in the image. Note: make sure you attach the backpack straps as shown in the pic, some mamas accidentally connected the straps to the D Rings on the outside edge of the bag…. This no worky mama, unless you have hee-man shoulders.






The Stella, however, is a much more simple bag – practical tote style, she’s a bit larger in capacity than the Ari and has 11 roomy pockets [opposed to the Ari which has 10 slightly smaller pockets]. She has a long strap for over the shoulder or cross body use, and two short handles which can also be worn over your shoulder [like a traditional handbag] or over your forearm if you’re that way inclined.

Both the Ari and the Stella bags can be used with our handy pram straps… so you can connect your bag to your pram with ease. The pram straps connect to the D Rings on each end of the bag. 

The Stella is naturally a little easier to access if you are after a bag you can just reach straight on into. The Ari has a flap over the front, satchel style, which is handy if you’re one of those mamas who aren’t likely to zip your bag up… you can just flop the flap over and go. 

“I have two kids… which bag do you recommend?”

This one is actually really hard to answer. It all comes down to how you think you will use the bag… are you after more space because you have two little ones? Then go the Stella, you will be able to cram more in… and let your gear spill over the top if you need. Or are you after ease of use? You are likely to need 15 hands when you have two kids (I speak from experience) so personally, I find the backpack function better so I can just throw it on my shoulder and continue on with the juggling act that is mothering.

“Are there any different features between Ari and Stella?”

Alf the Label Stella Nappy BagNot really, both of the bags have nappy change mats, long straps and dummy clips included… and both can use our pram straps. The main differences are the designs. The front flap of the Ari is great for stowing nappies or a spare muslin wrap or towel… but the Stella has two big pockets on either side of the bag which you can use to stash all your own gear.

So, in a nutshell, I would say they are just as good as each other… but in different ways! If you want to read a bit more about what other mums think about our bags, then check out our Reviews + Media page.

Stella tote 

Internal Stella Alf the Label Nappy Bag Black Spot Stella Nappy Bag Alf the Label 

Alf the Label Stella tote nappy bag Stella nappy bag Alf the Label All Black Stella Alf the Label baby bag Inside Stella tote nappy bag Alf the Label

 Ari three-way convertible backpack

Ari convertible backpack Alf the Label Ari nappy bag backpack Alf the Label Pram straps Ari convertible backpack baby bag Alf the Label Inside Ari backpack Alf the Label baby bag Inside Ari backpack nappy bag Alf the Label Black Spot Ari backpack baby bag Alf the Label

Comparison table






Nine internal and two large external

Eight internal and two compact external



Three-way convertible backpack

Pram Strap compatible



Ways to use

Two: As a shoulder bag with the short handles, or as a crossbody style with the long strap

Three: As a backpack, as a cross body bag or carry it with the short handle

Included features

Wipeable nappy change mat, key/dummy clip, four bottle holders [one insulated], detachable long strap

Wipeable nappy change mat, key/dummy clip, three bottle holders [one insulated], detachable long strap.


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