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What to Pack in a Nappy Bag for Hospital: What will MAMA actually NEED?!


You’re ready to have your bub, the nursery is organised, clothes are washed and the Alf bag is in your possession. So now you actually have to think about…..birth…..and what to take to hospital with you!

There are LOADS of guides out there as to what you SHOULD pack, but we’ve compiled a list here of things the mums at Alf HQ found were ABSOLUTELY needed, and stuff we may not have thought of in that late pregnancy haze…

Of course many of these things can depend on whether this is your first, how long your hospital stay will be, whether you have a natural or caesarean birth, or what kind of hospital you are going to (in Australia things can differ between a public and private hospital). But hopefully this little list will just give you some extra ideas, or remind you of the things you forgot last time! 

Snacks, snacks, snacks


Depending on your type of birth will depend on when you can eat, but you may find yourself ravenous at inopportune times, i.e. when you’re wide awake at 2am cos you just had a baby and omg that adrenaline is still pumping, or you’re trying to keep yourself awake cos that baby needs feeding and you’re totally still getting used to all of this! Having some snacks on hand is great because you won’t need anyone to fetch some food for you – and if baby daddy isn’t able to stay this means you can eat to your heart’s content! Non-refrigerated stuff is obvs ideal, but some private rooms may include a fridge too so make sure you suss it out!


Your own maternity pillow

No one really talks about the fact that the belly you used to have propped up by a pillow while sleeping will STILL BE THERE post birth! As it’s a little more…soft…too it can be uncomfortable while sleeping (if you get any!) and the belly can pull on your already tender areas! Make sure to bring any sleeping/body pillow you used while pregnant. Bonus points if you can use it as a breastfeeding pillow cos boy oh boy those first few days can put mega strain on your neck, shoulders and arms if you don’t have pillow to prop things up.



Now of COURSE you’ll be entertained by staring at your bubba 24/7 but what some won’t tell you about hospital is that there can be some downtime where bub is sleeping (before they leave that lovely, drowsy, newborn bubble) and you may want something to chill out with. Trashy magazines, your laptop with some pre-loaded movies/shows, or your fave book are good ideas as chances are you won’t be able to concentrate too hard, and you may be interrupted sooner than you think (hungry babies have relaxing mama detectors), but taking a little time to zen out is a good idea, before baby comes home with you and you don’t have time to pee, let alone read a book!




Notebook for gifts/flowers

Baby brain is REAL folks, and no doubt your hospital room will resemble a florist in no time, especially with your first! A good tip is to bring a notebook so you can write down who has sent what. That way you can use it later if you want to send thank you notes, or just a thank you message, to Aunty Gladys who sent you a bunch of chrysanthemums and she doesn’t ring your mum asking why she didn’t hear from you.


A spare jumper/sweater or robe, and socks!

Post birth temperatures can be all over the place and hospitals are usually centrally climate controlled, meaning you probs can’t adjust things just for you. Make sure to bring a jumper/sweater or a robe JUST IN CASE you find yourself shivering, cos we all know hospital blankets sometimes just don’t do the trick. And don’t forget socks to warm up the tootsies! A heat or wheat bag is also a good idea for warmth, and easing any aches or pains – even in labour!


Aaaaand finally, from one of our followers – a hairdryer…for down there…

One of our fabulous followers on insta suggested bringing a hairdryer for drying any stitches…down there…. ‘Nuff said really.


So there you have it, a little list of things you might find handy that some other ‘hospital bag’ lists forget to mention, brought to you by some mamas who learnt the hard way!


Make sure to let us know if you found this useful, and remember that Alf baby bags also make PERFECT hospital bags, especially the Ari and Stella, with their pockets for dayssss, roomy interiors, and easy to carry straps – you will be juggling a bubba on the way out after all!


Stay tuned for the follow up to this guide: What to Pack in a Nappy Bag for Hospital: What will BABY actually NEED?!